5 Signs You’re in Need of Physical Therapy

Live Your Life to the Fullest with Physical Therapy Treatments Feb10th 2021

If you’ve been looking for a sign to get help for your condition, here it is!

Many people falsely believe that physical therapy is just for those in need of rehabilitation after an injury, or for athletes in training. The truth is, there are several reasons why a person might need the assistance of a physical therapist.

We’ve listed out five obvious signs that you are in need of physical therapy down below for your convenience. With our clinic, you can even receive your treatments from your own home!

1. You’ve noticed you can no longer do things you enjoy

Maybe there was never a specific injury or painful experience, but if you’re noticing you’re physically unable to take part in certain activities, there’s a problem!

Whether it’s due to a chronic condition such as arthritis or general wear and tear on your joints and muscles, our in-home physical therapy services can help you get back to the activities you love. Your therapist will assess your body and determine exactly what it is that is keeping you from enjoying life the way you once did.

2. You’re getting hurt more than usual

Are you pulling muscles left and right, or falling more frequently? If so, you would likely benefit from working with an in-home physical therapist.

You may need to learn new ways of warming up or cooling down after your favorite activities to reduce the chance of pulling a muscle or tendon as well. Our trained physical therapists can teach you exercises that can improve your balance and increase overall stability.

3. You have an injury from doing the same thing over and over

If you are amongst the millions of individuals that sit in the same position, doing the same type of work for hours at a time, you’re at risk for developing a repetitive use injury.

You can sustain an injury like this even by standing and moving around or moving your body in the same way! Movements repeatedly lifting or pulling items the same way can land you in this predicament as well. Carpal tunnel or tennis elbow are common injuries that are often caused by repetitive movements.

An in-home physical therapist can teach you simple exercises to treat the condition. Your therapist can also show you how to perform repetitive tasks in ways that will prevent future injuries from occurring.

4. You’ve just had an operation done and you’re dealing with side effects

After even minor surgery, your body is still going to struggle to heal and recover to its normal state. Physical therapy is especially important if you have been or will be spending a large chunk of time lying in bed recovering. The services of our in-home physical therapists are necessary to keep muscles and joints as flexible as possible during the healing process.

Your physical therapist can also design a program to reduce the amount of scar tissue that forms after surgery. In-home therapy treatment can help you return to your regular routine as quickly as possible, and our services can be arranged around your schedule and when it is convenient for you to have us visit your home.

No matter what type of surgery you’ve just had, physical therapy can help you more quickly regain strength and flexibility.

5. There’s a sharp pain in an area there wasn’t any before!

Sharp pain, especially if it’s ongoing, can often be a sign of a serious injury. You may have pulled a muscle or possibly sustained a stress fracture. The sooner an injury is treated the faster it will heal.

There is also the chance that an injury will get worse if it is not treated in a timely manner. Your physical therapist can do an evaluation and get you started on a treatment program to treat the root cause of your pain.

Choose PT states that a physical therapist may use a variety of methods to treat pain including manual therapy, exercise, and education. Reducing and eliminating any type of ongoing pain will enable you to more fully participate and enjoy your daily activities!

What are some benefits of in-home physical therapy?

A physical therapist is a movement specialist, educated in analyzing mobility issues with walking, running, jumping, bending, stretching, and almost every other form of physical activity. Your physical therapist can pinpoint problem areas and create a customized treatment plan aimed at improving those areas.

Through our in-home sessions and exercises, patients will begin to strengthen their muscles and joints, improve their balance, build endurance, and experience pain relief, all without the unwanted harmful risks of drugs or surgery.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapy can help not only with overall wellness, but also prevention of future injuries.

The purpose of physical therapy remains the same, no matter what you are seeking its services for. Are you suffering from the lingering pain of an injury? Perhaps you are recovering from surgery and trying to get your range of motion and energy back. Maybe your joints simply aren’t what they used to be, and you are looking for relief.

Whatever the case may be, our in-home physical therapists are dedicated to relieving your pain and getting you back to your optimum levels of physical health.

Our office is waiting for your call!

An individualized physical therapy program reduces or even eliminates your pain. Everything from injuries and surgery to repetitive use and even aging may require physical therapy to get you moving as efficiently as possible! Physical therapy can help people of all ages live healthier, more active lives. What are you waiting for? If you’ve noticed any of these 5 signs, contact us today to schedule an initial visit with one of our in-home physical therapists!


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